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La Palm Beauty School is a private beauty school in South Houston area. The School was founded by brothers David Le and Robert Le on February 15, 2007 and purchased by Thornton Investments, Inc. in July 2008. Since March 2007, the school has been authorized by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to operate as a Cosmetology School in the State of Texas. At the same time, the school started its operation with three instructors and four students. Currently, La Palm beauty school has one office administrator, three instructors, and thirty-three students. Due to the ownership change, from June

2012, the school has been named La Palm Beauty School, Inc. The school currently offers full-time and part-time courses for Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Esthetics, Instructor, and Refresher in accordance with State Board requirements. In addition, La Palm Beauty School, Inc. offers a variety of beauty services performed by senior students with instructor observation to public customers.

Our mission is to seek the highest level of perfection and distinction in our faculty, students and educational programs. Our goal is to establish the skills and artistic excellence in all courses that will establish the values necessary for various salon successes. The courses of study are designed to provide our students with a solid foundation for our graduates to reach the many opportunities in the beauty industry.

Goals and Objectives:

– To instruct students in the proper and current methods of cosmetology
– To qualify and prepare students for the state board examination
– To graduate qualified, competent, competitive students
– To assist students in job placement

The competition among the schools in South Houston area is quite high due to the exist of many beauty colleges. However, La Palm Beauty School has built its own competencies in tuition and quality. The school is offering an integrated education for its students and assist them in obtaining employment after graduating while keeping its tuition fee the lowest among all the private beauty schools in the Gulf Freeway area. Besides the good facilities possessed, with two bilingual Hispanic instructors, the school can guarantee to give bilingual lectures, thus it can attract most of Hispanic students, especially the ones who do not speak English, in the area.

As technology and society evolve, social trend has been a preference for good looking appearance, which has been a significant impact on the development of beauty industry. Every now and then, beauty is a big business since it makes huge profit and becomes more attractive (Derrick, n.d.). The spread of social media has enhanced the development of the beauty industry which “depends on the whims of customers and public trends to operate.” (Montrose, 2012) On the other hand, a study shows that beauty industry is exceptionally affected by economic downturn. In contrast, tough economic times seem to have positive impact on this industry. This is because in such a circumstance, women try to put more emphasis on their appearance to attract a partner (Reaney, 2012). Conclusively, while beauty industry is not affected by the economic trends, it is affected positively by the social trends.

First of all, La Palm Beauty School, Inc. has one of the best facilities among all the private schools in the Gulf area. It was built in a 4000 square feet, housed in a busy modern shopping center in Gulf Freeway. The school is arranged into three areas of instruction: theory, practical, and clinical with separate classrooms, clinic rooms divided into beginning and advanced sections. All areas are fully equipped for students to work with the public. There are offices for counseling, dispensary, a facial room, and a break room equipped with dining table, refrigerator, and a microwave. There is a library containing books, VCR/DVD video films, for both basic and advanced hair designing, hair cutting, blow dry combing, permanent waving, facial, make-up, nail designing, fashion trends, and other cosmetology related subjects. Furthermore, the school is targeting on high placement for students after graduation. The school offers employment assistance for all graduates, including but not limited to, education and advice concerning professional appearance, resume preparation, marketing and other networking techniques. Besides, the school continually searches for available jobs and posts on a bulletin board to inform all students.

The school focuses on the compliance with State Board requirements, students’ real salon experience, and bilingual employees as its key assets. As included in each education program, senior students will have a monthly “mock” State Board test which will give students the real experience of a State Board test as well as reviewing their skills in performing the required services. On the other hand, during the studying period, each student will have opportunities to observe real service demonstrations and work with public clients at the school clinic area. As suggested, real salon experience is the most important education part for freshly graduates to meet employment requirements. Last but not least, all bilingual employees have contributed significantly to the development of the school in attracting potential non-English students.