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Esthetics; also can be called a  compilation of all the beauty, health and art related works. Esthetics nowadays is the most chosen career choice and also the one job which has the high pay possibilities.

Esthetics can not only be used in beauty but can also be used for medical treatments. 

Estheticians are needed in salons and spas to provide different types of esthetic services like facials, waxing, cleansing of the pores and exfoliating treatments. Some estheticians open their own salon to give out all of these given services ,while others  chose to work under someone.while giving their services atba Spa or a resort estheticians may offer some famous and relaxing European facials or skin treatments, body wraps, skin analysis or aromatherapy which can be beneficial to your skin. Estheticians are also taught about the skin betterment treatments and can easily detect the natural problems to your skin while can also give out good beneficial advice to avoid any damage to your skin or if already damaged how to recover your  old glow back.

Makeup Artistry

An esthetician basically uses her license to work with makeup companies to teach students or even customers about makeup such as the best shades of makeup to suit your skin tone and how to highlight the bone structure.Esthetics school also teaches Proper makeup application techniques which are also a part of the esthetician’s job description. Such certified esthetics can also recommend and sell products to customers as they are trusted easily. Estheticians can also perform eyebrow tinting. Threading, waxing and sculpting to improve a client’s appearance and beautify them according to the client’s need. Being really the best at it make up artists also knows and can instruct to their customers how to take care and keep their skin clean.

Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

A medical esthetician,or we can say a paramedical esthetician,the one who works in a plastic surgery or dermatology office generally assisting with procedures and helping patients to  prepare properly for recovery. In most of the states, there is no particular licensing which can put up a distinction between an esthetician and a medical esthetician. The paramedical esthetician explains pre-and-postoperative skin care to the customer and also  must be well versed on how to clean and sterilize equipment. The esthetician may and can perform a skin evaluation exam on the patient and offer the right reference to the right medical personnel for serious skin problems.

Medical Spas

Medical spas are generally a hybrid of a traditional salon and medical clinic. A medical is similar to that of a salon appearance but is staffed at all times particularly by a licensed medical doctor operating and treating within the scope of her medical ability and specialty. Some states basically regulate medical spas as a means through cosmetology regulations, while others are monitored and taken care of by the state medical board. Medical spas often offer spa treatments that are more invasive and effective than a traditional facial or wax; such as laser hair removing treatments, virgo vein therapy, skin tightening injections, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Medical spas can also offer Botox treatment injections and other procedures to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and so to be known this therapy of esthetics is widely used nowadays by the survey of sixty percent of women in our society. While an esthetician obviously cannot perform these medical procedures as they are not taught for this, she can assist the doctor in the procedure and can also offer post-procedure advice for the care of the skin as it heals.

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