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Makeup the most common and also now can be counted in the basic necessity of our life. Makeup has been in our blood since long centuries back. Basically makeup was invented to enhance your look, look different than usual. But now makeup is considered as a big art and the person doing it a big artist.
People going for leaning makeup are a troop of very smart and creative people. They appreciate beauty at its best.
Nowadays mostly many school offers detailed classes of makeup such as beauty schools of Houston.
Makeup does not limit itself to a certain boundary, it’s a mirage whenever you think its near it appears more far.
There are a wide variety and types of makeup and not only for women but also for men.
Let’s understand what different types of makeup looks are taught at a makeup class and what makes them unique.

HD Makeup

This type of makeup is generally what you see on television or in movies. We call it HD or high definition because these types of makeup are done to hide the creases, blemishes and lines on the face as the camera precision can capture these flaws minutely on the screen. Thus this type of makeup hides the flaws on your face and makes you camera ready.
What’s unique about this kind of makeup is that even though it sounds heaviy but it is very light and feels natural on the face and also stays for hours.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is the one where we don’t use any kind of makeup brushes or sponges to apply makeup but an airbrush instead. This airbrush is used to apply a layer of makeup which smoothes your makeup and makes it look flawless. It may feel heavy, especially if the weather is humid but it also hides all the blemishes, dark spots, under eyes and uncommon skin tone. Thus making you look your best.

Matte Makeup

Matte makeup look is the most popular among our generation. It can be used on a daily basis too. From using it for your daily routine you can use for a dramatic look too. Matte makeup enables you to experiment with different colors and hues, without affecting the natural look of your face. Its bold and subtle at the same time and also perfect for all types of weather.
What’s uniques about makeup is that it’s light and bold also enables your skin to breathe and shine at the same time. It’s also suitable for every occasion too.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is basically the type of make up with does not consist of any chemically inflated cosmetic, most of the cosmetics in this type of makeup are harmless and natural. This kind of makeup is generally advised by dermatologists for those who have sensitive skin. And in today’s era every person wants the best for their skin no one wants to apply chemicals on their face thus there’s a wide range and choices available in this makeup.
What’s unique about this makeup is that it actually protects your skin and also nourishes it. Thus you can look flawless and also take care of your skin at the same time.

Natural Makeup

Not everyone likes the dramatic, bold makeup. Thus this natural make is nothing but just to give your skin and even tone and use the most lightest shades on you. This type of makeup is perfect for day occasion where you just wanna look fresh and flawless.
What’s unique about this makeup is that it makes you look flawless and not at all made up. It can make you look great without hiding your basic features

Shimmer Makeup

Shimmer make up as the name suggests is all shimmery and sarkly in looks and the use of cosmetics which makes you shine. It includes metallic shades and sparkes to make it extra shiny on the eyes. Shimmer makeup techniques can used and applies to every part of your face, shoulder, collar bones just to enhance them more and make you look all dolled up and sparkly.
What makes it unique is that it totally changes your look to glamourous look. It makes you stand out of the crowd. This type of makeup is perfect where you got to take a glamorous dramatic foot forward.

Smokey Makeup

This type of makeup is generally used to give a powerful look to the person. This makeup includes the smokey effect which is basically done by the black and grey color around the eyes, with big fake eyelashes. The make up artist may decide the bold lip shade by keeping in mind what time it is. Either a bold color or leave it nude to keep the main focus on eyes.
What’s unique about this makeup is that this type of makeup shows up today’s era women who are equally graceful and powerful at the same time. It gives out extreme sensual appeal without making you look too modern or even too electric.
These all comes under the courses which the beauty schools provide or maybe some salons which gives out beauty makeup classes.

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