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Massage is the practice of rubbing and kneading certain tissues and muscles of your body in order to relax, reduce stress and pain.

There are different types of massage practices running in from centuries. Earlier massage was the answer, the cure for every pain, every accident and injury. Massage has the greatest healing power, emotionally, mentally and also physically.

In this century massage is such a great deal that people take special classes and does special courses in order to become a certified masseuse and schools  like the massage schools in houston gives out the best program or services for such aspirants.

Types of massage being taught nowadays are:

  • Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a new era gentle type of massage and is used for the people who need relaxation of muscles, are sensitive to touch or are new to massage.

This massage helps in kneading the knots in the body which is caused by the extra tension in the muscles. 

The massage therapist will use a combination of kneading, soft strokes on the body towards the heart region in order to rectify the circulation of blood to the heart, deep circular motion movements, vibration and tapping over the pain stricken area and passive joint movement techniques to reduce the tension in the muscles.

  • Hot Stone Massage

It the best type of massage for the people who need relaxation of certain body pains. This massage type is quite similar to that of the swedish massage only the masseuse uses hot stones with the addition to their hands.

Hot Stone Massage may help in easing the muscle tension, improving the blood flow in the body, it alleviates the pain and also promotes relaxation along with releasing stress.

During the massage hot stones are placed on your body in the formation of a line. The masseuse will press a stone while applying the swedish massage therapy on different parts of your body.

-Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is good for people who want to have an emotional healing component attached to their massage.

This type of massage may help you in boosting your mood, relieving any signs of anxiety or tension, helps in managing depression and in the release of pain.

During this massage you will be given a full body massage with soft and gentle movements of the therapists hands while you soak in the essential oils through the pores of your skin. This type of massage only focuses on your shoulders, hear or back.

-Deep Tissue massage

         This type of massage is harder then the swedish massage. It is used to release the chronic pain in the body or any muscle.


-Sports Massage

Sports massage is that massage which you get after repeatedly injuring a same muscle during a game.



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