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Our hands they hold, they grasp, they assist us while we convey something verbally to someone.

Whether in conscious or unconscious manner any what ways, hands are the first thing we notice when we meet someone for the first time. From the ancient ritual of handshaking which we are carrying forward from generations to the wave of our hand in order to say hi to someone, our hands are the only part of the body which other then mouth do the converesing. As someone has said that our hands are the windows to who we are as people.

With this in mind it is easy to understand that how much attention our nails grab too. With the ritual coming from the ancient Egyptians where they used to describe their status through the length of their nails to today’s time where women take pride in their appearance through their nails.

There are basically two types of Nail beautification treatments

  • Nail Extensions

A lightweight plastic plate is laid over our natural nail and shaped in the flow and shape of our nail only. It is glued to the tip of our nails to add length to our nails. Acrylic, gel polish or fibreglass mixture is then applied on top of this nail and then usually cured to look as real as the natural ones.

  • Nail Overlays

Nail overlays are a mixture of nail strengthening serum which does not consist of any artificial nails but is directly to the nails to give strength and durability.

Types of Nail Extensions:

  • Acrylic Nails:

Acrylic Nail are the oldest forms of extension in the nail art industry. In the nail specialization courses given in the beauty schools of houston these nails plays the basic learning course role. In this you are taught to mix two powders together which when mixed form a hard layer which is applied on your natural nail and then it needs to be trimmed and primed with the flow of natural nail itself. 

It is the most beautiful form of nail extension and many schools also teach drawing and painting on these nails. They are totally a form of art which is performed by the nail artists who do the nail extension and specialization courses.

  • Gel nails

Gel polish is a mixture which is applied on the top of the artificial nails or the natural nails in order to ensure the growth and strength of the natural nails. The gel is usually applied in very fine thin layers and is constantly cured or sealed by the artist with the help of the UV lights which gives the nail a flow and flexibility to look and feel like a new natural nail. 

This type of nail extension is slowly taking rise in the nail business as it does not damage the natural nail and ensures its good growth and strength.

  • Fibreglass nails

Fibreglass nails or also can be called the silk wrap nails is the oldest  technique introduces in the nail industry. It includes cutting the fibreglass into pieces to fit in on your nails and later get filled by the help of silk wraps it used to sticked with the help of raisins and glue. But now as we have cheaper extension options this art of nail is no longer in demand to the peaks. However, the people who are allergic to the chemicals used in the acrylic and get nails can go for the natural cause.




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